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  • PROTECTS AND PREVENTS AGAINST TERMITE ATTACK - The Terminator Wood Preservative Solution is a clear wood preservative that is highly effective against termites and borers. It comes with an Insta Kill formula that eliminates termites almost immediately and prevents any future attack when used frequently
  • NO TOXIC ODOUR OR SMELL – The Terminator Wood Preservative is safe for users and is made from non-hazardous chemicals. It is eco-friendly and made from herbal extracts with no side effects for users
  • EASILY BLENDS WITH PAINTS & PRIMERS - The Terminator Wood Preservative increases the life of the wood. It easily combines with oil-based paints and primers and does not cause any damage or fading when applied to surfaces
  • RECOMMENDED USAGE – To prevent future termite attacks, the Terminator Wood Preservative can be used once in 2 months. In highly infected areas, the Terminator Wood Preservative can be used frequently
  • SUITABLE FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE – The Terminator Wood Preservative is super convenient for use in larger homes or offices. It can be stored easily in a cool and dry place and used as needed


₹362.00 Regular Price
₹325.80Sale Price
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